Saturday, January 31, 2009

Let's Talk Jeans

Back in the day jeans were not near the quality or style as they are today!

Today jeans are an absolute staple in your wardrobe.  You can wear them to a cocktail party, to dress down Friday's, weekend get-aways...anywhere!

I only offer the highest quality denim on my blog.

I prefer a darker wash - they make a nice slim line on the body.  I also prefer the length to be low on a pair of high heels, and a nice mid rise.  No more thong views ladies!!  

Lighter washes such the Joe's Jeans "Rocker" style are a great idea for Spring...aren't we all just dying to get out of parkas and turtlenecks!  

The Rules!!
1.  No more hi-rise, mom style jeans please ladies!  It makes you look older than you are.
2.  Darker rinses typically look better.
3.  You want them to fit close to your body without cutting off your circulation!
4.  Wash inside out - to help color remain intake. Hang to dry - do not put in dryer!!
5.  Check your length carefully - the longer the better.... petite women make sure take notice - try on your heels and make sure the jenas come within a half an inch on the back of the heel of the shoe.  
6.  NO PLEATS ever!!!!!!!  They make you look like you have a big belly even when you don't!!
7.  Stone washed, ripped, holes, stains, cat whiskered - just say NO!!
8.  Trouser styles are great - for casual work days.