Monday, January 19, 2009

Living debt FREE!!

Truly this is not that just have to decide what is important to you and what you can do without.

For me - I must have my hair hi-lighted but I can do without pedis.  I must have splenda for my coffee but I can give up buying candy. I must have fresh fruits and veggies but can do without eating out.  These small changes make a real difference.

So you have to decide what is important to you and what to give up.

I live completely debt free.  That means no credit cards, no college debt, I ONLY pay cash or use a debit card for all transactions.  I live below my means.  I make choices daily on what I need and what I can do live without.  I live guilt free when it comes to money.  I have for many years.  I paid cash for my car.  I paid cash for my plush cat and dog.  Everything in my home is paid for - all appliances, all furniture, all bedding, EVERYTHING!  

I have not always been this way.  I used to have credit cards.  I used to spend my paycheck on ridiculous things.  I had debt.  

 I got feed up and decided it was time for a change a BIG change.  

I took my lunch to work.  I lived in a crappy apartment.  I worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs at a time. I never ate out.  I never went out with friends.  I did not have a gym membership or cable.  I did not ever take a vacation.  I sold everything that I did not want or need.   People made fun of me.  They thought I was crazy - when I ate tuna for about 2 years straight.  I brought my water in a jug to work instead of buying it.  I only turned on the heat and ac when I really needed it.  I took everything to the extreme but it paid off.

When I look back and now that I can pay cash for everything - all of the sacrifices that I made for soo many years were so worth it. 

You too can live debt free!  It takes a lot of stress out of your life!!

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