Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping 101

1.  Buy clothing that is made of quality fabrics.  Cashmere, modal cottons, wool, silk, tweeds, twills, crisp cottons, look for details on clothing such as lining, double stitching, buttons sewn on completely.

2. Pay cash only!!  

3.  Buy quality over quantity.  You may not have as many clothes but you will have quality pieces that last a lifetime.

4.  Have your shoes repaired.  Buff out scratches - polish them each season.

5. Every season replace worn cotton tees and turtlenecks. 

6.  Hand wash when you can - this will make fabrics last longer.

7.  Do not dry jeans or items that are of darker fabrics.  Hang them to dry.  Always wash these items wrong side out.

8.  Stay away from trends.  Try to buy classic pieces.  Blazers, suits, quality button-downs, pencil and a-line skirts, trench coats.

9.  Dry clean only when needed.  If the tag states "Dry Clean" you can hand wash this piece.  If it states "Dry Clean ONLY" you must dry clean.

10.  Know your closet.  Get rid of items you do not need.  Keep a running list of items you need to pick up.

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