Friday, January 9, 2009

The "SECRET" to being FIT!!


That is my "secret"!!  I have been a size 2, a size 14 and all sizes in between.  I have found for myself the BEST way to stay fit and in shape is to be consistent with EVERYTHING!!

Top 5 ways to be more consistent with your fitness!!

1.  Measure the amount of WATER you take in - I drink over 100 ounces per day of water.  Adding a pack of PROPEL to each 25 ounces makes it much easier to get down.  My favorites are lemon and kiwi strawberry!!

2.  4 days of cardio - at least 45 minutes each session.  One day of 60 minutes.

3.  Buy a heart rate monitor to see exactly what you are burning per session - everyone's body is different therefore everyone burns at a different rate.  THIS IS A MUST!!  

4.  Stop eating at night - after 6:30/after dinner - the KITCHEN is closed!!!

5.  For one week write down everything you put in your mouth.  Use to see how many calories you are consuming - I promise you will be amazed at the amount you have eaten.  I did this and I could not believe it - I was having over 2 POUNDS of sugar a week!!! GROSS!!  Thus I am off candy - 6 days now!!  

For me the reason I continue to exercise, lift weights, strength train, eat properly, don't drink any alcohol, count calories, drink my water is for one simple reason - VANITY!!!!  That is the truth!!!!

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