Thursday, January 1, 2009

First post of my new blog on January 1, 2009!!!

Today is my first post!  I thought what a perfect "segway" to a New Year!! 

So you ask why am I doing a new blog??  I was given the name Trendy Mindy by some high school friends about 20 years ago (ekkkkk!!) mother owned a children's and women's clothing store.  One was called Trendy.....  I was always dressed to the nines as a child and a teen thus the birth of "Trendy Mindy".  When the stores eventually closed I had to find a way to continue the tradition of being in the know of the newest coolest clothes and accessories but being that mom paid wholesale prices I was not used to having to pay full price and was SHOCKED to find out how much things really cost in stores.......

I then became OBSESSED with finding the cheapest best quality EVERYTHING!!  From bags, to skincare, to makeup and everything in between without paying retail prices.  

So welcome to my blog - I hope it helps women and men of all ages, shapes, and sizes to feel their very best and to look and feel stylish without paying retail prices. I hope it encourages you to step out of your box of cracky pancake makeup, ugly coral lipstick, brand names, hair styles stuck in 1990, and unflattering  jeans and STEP into 2009 looking absolutely fabulous!!!

1 comment:

  1. I am SO ready for this blog! Seriously, you could end up getting great money off this through advertising. Now, how do I make my skin look great on a dime (literally)? I mean, I need, like, Hollywood quality products at drugstore prices (or less).

    Happy New Year!