Saturday, January 3, 2009

Your closet is neat and organized so now what??

Hopefully your closet now looks similar to this one!!  All hangers are facing the same way. I prefer either padded hangers or plastic ones of all the same color.  Wire hangers can damage fabrics and cause unnecessary snags.  Pants are hung, all bags from the dry cleaners have been removed, you have all long sleeve shirts together, all tanks and short sleeve tops together. Everything should be easy to view at a quick glance.  

You have the bags in your car ready to go to your favorite charity and another separate bag ready to go to the tailor.

Organization!!!!  You did it!!

So now what??

Time to use the paper and pen and take notes of what you are needing.  

Start looking at your clothes and decide what you need.  

Here is a list of some essential items that every closet needs.

1.  Jeans - dark wash, long enough to go with your favorite heels, excellent fitting.  Jeans are a staple to have - the ultimate "go to" item.  

2.  a trench coat - the classic coat that goes with everything.  A nice crisp white or khaki - whatever color looks best on you.

3.  button down shirt - you definitely need a white fitted one.  These look great under sweaters, by themselves, under a dress....dressed up or down.  Need to be fitted NOT boxy.  Ask yourself does it accentuate my waist?

4.  a great bag or 2 - be bold here!  Do a hot bright color or an animal print - one for day that can easily fit work items or baby bottles.  A smaller clutch - these are a perfect way to go from day to night.  They can easily fit into your larger day bag and then be whipped out when it is time for dinner.  

5.  "strappy" heels - I truly believe that you really only need one pair.  I know you are saying how can one pair go with everything??  You have to do a neutral color that goes with most everything!  I actually prefer a bronze or a nice dark gold.   These dress up all clothing with a nice POP of something different and unexpected.  I have worn the same heel for the past 4 years - by taking good care of them they can last for many years!!

6.  an awesome dress and NO I am not going to say the usual "little black dress" most certainly does not have to be black.  In fact, I believe that a jewel tones color can be a fantastic way to go!!  You are going to accentuate your waist here no matter what size you are.  Not too short - no more than 3 inches above the knee.  It should hit you either right above the knee or directly on the kneecap.

7.  a suit - a jacket and a nice pair of slacks.  Charcoal grays works well, pin stripes, look for detailing - covered buttons, double collars, lining inside. PLEASE not too short  on the pants or the sleeves..... that can absolutely look horrific!!  Suit jackets are perfect for throwing on after work when you add jeans and a cute top.  Break the suit up - hot tees with the pants.  There are sooo many ways to make this work into many different outfits.  Suits are not just for work.

8.  tees and camis - you will need several colors here.  The basic colors of white, tan, and black. I  prefer camis under my button downs.  Good quality fabrics are a MUST - modal cotton, combed cotton, jersey knits, something with a bit of stretch.  These should fit close to the body - they should not be baggy.  Tees should not be boxy - they need to be fitted.  Boxy styles actually make you look bigger than you are.  Every closet needs a white tee!!  They can be great with jeans, under your trench, or under your suit jacket.  

This is your list to check against your own closet.  Write down the items that you need.  Keep this list in your purse so that when you are shopping you can easily grab it when you see a sale or have a few minutes to spare.  Some of these items you may already have.  Be patient  - you don't have to run out and buy all of these items at once.  

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  1. Oh so trendy! I need you to go through my closet...STAT!
    On a way different note, can you give the lay person some good self tanning enlightenment? I spend a good deal of time trying to sort it out. I only self tan and have tried lots of stuff.
    For a few years Bobbi Brown had an awesome self tanning body whip that worked wonders...and then she stopped making it! I have never recovered!
    What is a girl to do? I hate being milky white!
    Take it from here Trendy Mindy!