Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hair Care

I take great care of my hair  - I think hair can be used as an accessory!!  Most of us color, straighten, blow dry, brush, wash, and repeat daily.  Especially if you sweat or go to a restaurant where you then smell like food or worse....
Here are some ways to make your locks look luscious!!

1.  Try to be as GENTLE as you can with your hair.  If possible wash at night and don't blow dry.
2.  Use color appropriate products  - try to wash every other day - this will make your color last much longer!!
3.  If your hair smells like a bar/restaurant - try dry shampoo spray - you won't have to shampoo and your locks will still smell yummy!
4.  When blow drying use one that is ionic and has a cool shot setting on it.  Use the cool shot after you finish drying this helps to lay your frizzy pieces down/the cuticle of the hair.
5.  For extreme breakage/damaged hair - use a night time renewal product.  I use the Frederic Fekkai Protein PM repair.  It will not make your hair greasy and it works wonders for damaged hair.  2 squirts is all you need.

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  1. Great advice....i way overwash my hair..I am going to buy the blow dryer and the dry shampoo!! thanks trendy mindy!