Monday, January 26, 2009

3 ways to show your age!

1.  Yellow teeth!!  

2.  Unruly brows!!

3.  Cakey/Dry Lipstick!!

Ok ladies and gentlemen - these are sooo easy to fix!!  I have seen them all this past week and wow do they make you look older than you really are.

#1  Yellow teeth - a HUGE ager!!  
Have your teeth professionally cleaned - great for the health of your teeth and breathe.
Start using a a whitening toothpaste.
Use the GOSMILE or the SUPER SMILE kit that I have available on my site.  They work sooo well for those coffee stained teeth.  In one week you will see such a huge difference.
Wear a lighter colored lip stick - makes your teeth look whiter!!

#2 Unruly brows - being that I am an aesthetician I notice this on people all of the time and it is sooo easy to take care of.
Have your brows professionally waxed.  If you don't have an aesthetician already)which you should:)...then ask someone that you like their brows.  This will help you keep up them at home.  OR use the stencils that I have on my site.  They work really well for first timers.
Then to keep your brows in place throughout the day use the Brow Boost that I have on my site also.  It helps to define your brows which frames your face and keeps them that way all day long.  Great for those of you trying to grow them out or when they are sparse.

#3  No more dry/cakey lips please!!
Another ager!! 
Throw those old nasty dry lipsticks away today ladies!!  Now I know you are thinking but I don't want to use those bubble gum glosses that I used in 8th grade.  No worries here - lip glosses have much better formulas than they used to.  Plumpers, shiny, soothing, help with lines around your lips, gives your face a nice glow.  I love Duwop, Stila, Philosophy, LipFusion!

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