Monday, January 5, 2009

Ask you you shall receive...Self Tanning 101

Ok so I am more like Edward from Twilight  - I rarely get into the sun at all!  My skin is pasty and not a pretty milky white more like a splotchy, red, sun spotted mess!!  Therefore I self-tan. 
Self-tanning can minimize the look of cellulite, sun damage, and redness.
I am pretty much obsessed with self-tanning!!  Here is the routine that I have found to work the best for me...

1.  Exfoliate in the shower with a soft type of loofa. Paying special attention to dryer areas - elbows and knees.
2.  After showering - completely dry off!!  This helps to eliminate any possible streaking.
3.  Do not put any types of perfumes or lotions on.
4.  Go to someplace that it does not matter if the tanner gets on the walls or floors.  I prefer outside if it is a private area or a garage (make sure you are away from walls and your car).  Out down paper towels or old newspapers to stand on.
5.  I usually do this in the buff but feel free to wear undies but know that they will turn yellow/brownish from the tanner.
6.  I prefer aerosol types of tanners for a look that lasts.  There are really nice formulas out there so you may have to try a few to see which one works the best for you.  
7.  Start out spraying your legs (for now leave out your FEET, HANDS, and FACE!!)
8.  While you are spraying continue to move.  Be approximately 8 inches away from your body using up and down motions. 
9. Move on to your stomach, sides, and each arm.  If using a spray that has a built-in bronzer in it (meaning it is brown as you spray it) then check to see if you have missed a spot and don't worry this brown color will wash off when you shower.  
10. Next is your chest and back which can be tricky.  Try to lightly spray your chest about 10 inches away holding each arm out making sure to get the spots by your underarms which can soak up more than you may want.  Hold the can above your head and spray downwards towards your back moving constantly.  Then bring your arm around your back to try to get the middle and sides which can be hard.  
11.  Check for any areas you may have missed - go inside and look into a mirror.  Blot any areas which may have run or look streaky - work quickly here as tanners dry really fast!!
12.  Wash your hands - make sure to get in between your fingers really well.  
13.  Next work on your feet and hands and face (which I do not do myself).  By using an old makeup sponge - lightly spray the sponge with the aerosol and work on your feet and hands. Lightly dab on toes and fingers - less is WAY more here.  If you chose to spray your face, do so by spraying the sponge and extremely lightly using upward movements apply to face.  I prefer to use a separate bronzer on my face and not using self-tanner.  
14.  Give yourself a glance from all areas to make sure you have not missed any areas.  If you do have any splotches use another makeup sponge or cotton balls with a bit of rubbing alcohol on them try to lightly blot away the mistake.  
15.  For a fast dry - use a hair dryer and dry each area for about 5 minutes.  Then dress in something that does not matter if you get tanner on it and DO NOT SHOWER for at least 8 hours.  I prefer to tan at night and then go to bed.  White sheets beware - tanner can sometimes get on them.  Do not put anything else on your skin until morning after your shower off any excess tanner.

*** For better staying power - use a separate moisturizer lotion tanner for daily use.  This way you only have to "spray" once a week. ***

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  1. OKay
    Hit me with some brand options and where to get them. I have used the spray booths before and love the look....not nuts about the smell. I have not ha da lot of luck with something that smells decent.
    Good info to go by, now just need the place to buy and I will be looking savage!