Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm Back!!

After a LONG hiatus I am back!!!

WOW - having a baby sure does take up a lot of time!!!! Who knew??

So this week I received a new peel sample to try for my review called the Fusion Peel by the awesome and (very easy to deal with on the phone) company named (That is my disclosure - if you missed it!) HA

I have only had one peel since having my baby - and actually I have in the past 5 years have probably only had one type of peel - the tried and true Alpha this peel better be great b/c I LOVE the alpha beta one!!

I have wicked hyperpigmentation from having a baby - I mean terrible!! I would love to get rid of!! I have been staying completely out of the sun for months, wearing my SPF religiously, and using tazorac and retin-a nightly for about 3 months.

The peel came well packaged and with very easy to follow instructions as well.

I immediately opened and read everything!

The peel itself is a straight liquid and had to be applied with a gauze pad that was included.

I swiped one layer over my whole face (after cleansing and towel drying). It was a bit stingy by my eye area and I did start to turn pretty red within about 1 minute.

Noticing that it said I could keep it on for 6-8 - I knew that being that I had been using so many retinoids for months I was very sensitive.

So about the 2 minute mark I went ahead and neautralized with the spray and then splashed cool water on my face for about a minute.

I was a bit red but nothing bad.

24 hours later - my skin is a bit pink but man is it clear!!! I mean super tight and shiny which I love!! It looks fresh and bright!! I actually look well rested - :) I really like the results - I have not really flaked at all (stay tuned to see if I will in a few days??)

So far I am hooked - this is a great peel - !!

Here is the peel that I was given if you are interested in checking it out yourself.

Just type in SHEBLOGS as your code to my faithful readers and receive 20% off anything you want to order ending Dec. 31, 2010.

I sure have missed blogging and am soo glad to be back!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Winter Dry Skin

Feeling like sandpaper already this fall and winter?

All of my hand washing to keep the germs away has wrecked serious havoc on my skin...

I have not gotten sick but my hands have taken a serious beating!!

I am adding a few of my favorite hand creams and items that you can wear while you sleep to help put some moisture back in your paws!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday SALE!!!

Of course Skin Store is offering there usual 20% SALE plus FREE shipping with all orders over $49.

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Sorry about the MIA!!

Being pregnant has made me lose all track of time!! Doctors appointments, hospital tours, choosing a pediatrician, meetings with Doulas, etc - AHH!!

So for all of you pregnant moms out there here are some of my favorite products that I have enjoyed during my 6 months of pregnancy.

I LOVE all of the Mustela products - the stretch mark cream is incredible so far so good for me!!

I also am obsessed with the Belli products - they have such a great fragrance - light but just enough that you can smell it all day!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adult Acne

Questions concerning adult acne are the most commonly asked questions that I ever receive!!

People stop me, email me, phone and text me and 90% of the time they are questions about acne over the age of 30. Mostly people that have never had to deal with acne and are freaking out. Most of them have no clue how to take care of the problem and MOST can easily be fixed with switching up their products.

Here is you plan of action LADIES for your acne issues!!

1. Cleanse am and pm with a mild cleanser - don't break the bank with this one. It is just to remove residue, acne meds from the night before, oil, and makeup.

2. Then use your treatment cleanser again am and pm - one with salicylic acid/glycolic acids and leave it on for 30-45 seconds before you rinse it off....focusing on areas with breakouts. You do not need a wash cloth or any type of "scrubby" pads - just use your CLEAN hands to apply with water. My two favorites are Glycolix and DDF - both available on the right side of my blog.

AM Only

1. Use your SPF 30 - DAILY!!!!! Using acne meds can make you extremely sun sensitive so a high SPF is a must!! My favs are NIA 24 mineral SPF and Cellex C SPF 30. Both excellent choices for those of us dealing with acne. They are mineral based and WILL not pose a problem with your skin.

2. I prefer mineral foundation as your makeup not a favorite is Bare Minerals! Nothing in mineral foundations will break out your skin or clog your pores.


1. After you cleanse with your mild cleanser and your treatment cleanser...using only your hands not a wash cloth which can harbor bacteria. You will use your MD Skincare Peel is the absolute BEST thing for any one dealing with acne. From teens to adults - dry to extremely oily. Use Step 1 first all over your face and neck if you suffer from acne on your neck. About 3 minutes should do it then you can neutralize with Step 2...this peel kit can be used every night or every other or even ever third if it makes you to dry peely or red. It contains glycolic and salicylic acids. Both a must for dealing with acne. Available on the right side of my blog.

2. Then after Step 2 has dried - use ONE of the following. A Retinol product or Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO). Not both and not on the same night. Choose one or the other. Retinol can and should be applied all over your face - BPO should be applied on the areas that you break out ONLY!! Both can and will make you red, peely, and dry - so use sparingly. If you become to irritated back off and use every third night or until your skin becomes less irritated.
My favorite Retinols are Affirm and Skin Medica.
My favorite BPOs are DDF and B Kamins - both well formulated.

All of these products are available on my blog.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Signature Style

Some of my favorite models and actresses have a distinct "signature style".  They keep their hair relatively in the same way...keeping it current but similar.  They have a certain way that they dress daily.  They know what works for them and so they stick with it.

I have always loved Claudia Schiffer's style...the long blonde hair, simply lines of clothing, a nice bag, huge sunglasses, and of course a beautiful watch.  She looks timeless and elegant.

I also love Kate Moss - if you look back at Kate's life in fashion - she has kept her look basically the same.  Knowing what works for her and again sticking with it.  Shoulder length golden locks that always look a but messy, great skirts that show off her gams, funky jewelry, large sunglasses, and one piece of trendy clothing...perhaps the newest trend in shoes...

Being 36 - I know what works for myself and what does not.  My hair looks best - long and blonde.  I have tried many different colors and styles but this works best for me.  Jeans and pants that skim just the top of my shoes look best.  V-necks and boat neck shirts tend to be my forte and make me feel good about myself.  I like bright colors - such as pinks, purples, turquoises - years of trying all colors and then viewing photos of myself - make me know what works and what does not.  Short nails, no polish - look best on me.  Dark denim - always looks best!!  My one signature piece of jewelry would be my gold hoop earrings - they are timeless and easily go from day to evening.  I have worn this type of earring for over 15 years - and I still love the way they make me feel.  A nice watch and a new bag...I have always believed that if you have these 2 you really don't need much else.  

What is your signature style?  Have you found it yet?  When have you last been complimented on an outfit or hairstyle?  Is it time for you to try something new or does your current style make you feel awesome??

Find what works for your body - for your coloring and stick with what looks best!

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bacteria oh my!!

So we are all accustomed to washing our hands 20x a day to prevent the spread of disease and germs.  

But what about your cosmetics and other items you touch daily??

Take a look at your makeup bag or you see makeup sponges, brushes, and puffs that are covered with hair, dirt. oil, and makeup??  GROSS!!!  First of all try to clean them with anti-bacteria soap - if they still look dirty and dingy throw them out!!  

What about your foundations, creams, lotions, and anything else that maybe in a liquid form...have they separated?  Have you had them over a year?  Time to pitch them as well.

Now to your makeup bag itself.  Remove all of it contents and clean out your bag - throwing away anything broken such as powders and eye shadows...if your makeup bag it filthy and you can throw it in the washer - do so.  If not then try to clean it with anti-bacterial spray.  

AHHH - now doesn't that look better.

On to mascara - you really should only use mascara for 3-5 months before you throw it out. Don't pump your wand in and out either - it can push bacteria into the casing itself.  I also heard the other day 2 ladies talking about adding water to their mascara to make it last longer - a BIG no no!!!  Again this can add bacteria to your mascara causing you to have a really bad eye infection!!  YUCK!!

Clean your cell phone people - it is such a bacteria ridden thing!!  Simple use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball - not so much as to damage the phone - but enough to kill the germs, bacteria, and old makeup that are growing in there!!  This can also help tremendously with acne on your cheeks from holding your phone.  

Other places where germs like to live - your steering wheel, your doorknobs, the knobs on your sinks, all gym equipment (drives me crazy when people don't clean off there sweat after they work out....YUCK!!)....

We all want to remain healthy this Fall season - so start cleaning!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Crazy on vaca!!

Once a year I step way out of my box. 

Typically, I am an extremely "by the book" type person.  I eat clean 95% of the time, spend very little money, only buy necessities,  save most of what I earn, never check the weather (as you know I am a sun avoider) i.e. never get into the sun, I never have dessert, I workout regularly - 4-6 days per week......I am organized - everything has it's place and I am an all around a routine girl.

Then vacation comes!!

I do everything completely opposite of my "usualness" for one week of the year!!

I go to the beach (with a high SPF on) but still I am at the beach in direct sunlight....for many hours.
I never check the prices of anything - from meals, to shopping - I just buy what I want.
I have dessert at every single meal....anything from Key Lime pie to full fat ice cream!
I exercise - but very little - not checking caloric burn or intensity....just walk for fun.
I don't clean or keep things organized at all....the condo or home we stay in looks like a dorm room....with clothes and things strewn everywhere!

For one week of the year - this is my "going crazy" time!!  I know that a lot of people live this way daily...but I chose to live more of a responsible, hard-working, do the right thing type lifestyle.

It is great for me to be the to be my opposite self - do things I never do - and then get back to my normalcy of everyday life.  

Friday, September 11, 2009

Plumping up your skin!!!

We all want that dewy glowing skin that sweet little children have....:)

No one wants their skin to look old, leathery, dry, and wrinkled - so here is your plan to luminous fresh looking skin!

1.  Cleanse am and pm with a Glycolic Acid cleanser (if this makes you too peely dry or red  - back off and only use 1x per day)

2.  AM - use your SPF 30 or higher every single day for the rest of your life!! Make sure it contains either titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or parasol 1789 (avobenzone).

3.  Mix your SPF with an antioxidant serum, lotion, or powder for extra protection - and to help with free radicals.

4. Stop using face/blotting type powders - they tend to crease and make you look way older than you are.  Instead use blotting papers throughout the day.

5.  After you finish applying your makeup - always spray lightly with a mineral water spritzer - this will take away the dry and cakey look and give you the Hollywood glow!!  - Even if it is fake!!!

1.  After you have cleansed in the evening - blot your face dry never rub - always use your hands to cleanse and not a wash cloth.  They are tooooo rough on your skin.

2.  Use a topical AHA (alpha hydroxy) - something with salicylic, lactic, or glycolic acids in 

3.  Then apply your topical retinol over the AHA product - layering is just fine!!

4.  If you feel too dry tight or have extra sensitive skin - apply a topical antioxidant - I prefer one with white tea, green tea, or vitamin c in it.

Now get some sleep - it is one of the best ways to have gorgeous glowing skin!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Obagi ON SALE!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obesity in America

According to an article published in the New York Times today September 2, 2009 - 

"Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. For most, research shows, neither diets nor moderate exercise brings significant long-term weight loss."

"Dieting alone is rarely successful, and relapse rates are high.  Moderate exercise, too, rarely results in substantive long-term weight loss, which requires intensive exercise."  These facts are from a new study from the Centers for Disease Control. 

According to this study - 
"The leisurely after-dinner walk may be pleasant, and it may be better than another night parked in front of the television. But modest exercise of this sort may not do much to reduce weight, evidence suggests."

“People don’t know that a 20-minute walk burns about 100 calories,” said Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom, director of the weight-management center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “People always overestimate the calories consumed in exercise, and underestimate the calories in food they are eating.”

I am so glad to read this study - it is something my husband and I have known all along.  

For myself I try to burn at least 400-450 calories during my cardio workouts 4x a week.  Every person  is different and will need to burn different amounts to lose weight.  This just happens to be the number I need to burn per day to keep my weight maintained.  

Keep in mind that many cardio machines over estimate the number of calories burned.  The only way to know for sure exactly how much you have burned is to wear a heart rate monitor.  

Try wearing a pedometer while you run or walk.  Newer stlye pedometers are able to program in your step length and your current weight.  It is amazing to see how long it takes to burn 400 calories while this is not a leisurely walk - you should not be able to carry on a conversation - you should be breathing hard!!  Typically it takes me about 2 hours of walking - about 7 miles to make my goal of 400-450.

There are many days that I do not want to work out - that I would much rather go home then go to the gym BUT I force myself to go and I am ALWAYS glad I did.  

If you would simply write down all of the food and liquids you consume in a journal for a week - you would be completely surprised at the number of calories you have eaten in a day.  Most people should be aiming for 1500-1800 calories per day.  

Do something for yourself today - run/bike ride(not just down hill either) - walk for an hour....drink tons of water - make it your mantra!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Living below your really is easy!

For some reason our yard is the place to be in the afternoon for the neighborhood kids.  Probably b/c of our Chihuahua....

Monday there was a group of them hanging out in our driveway on their said to me..

"when are you moving?"
I answered "oh we have to sell our house not for while"
He then looked in our garage with a puzzled look on his face and said "well where is all of your stuff"..
I looked in our very neat and organized garage and answered "well we really don't have a lot of stuff - just things we need."
He looked at me with amazement in his eyes (keep in mind he is no more than 8 years old) and responded "well that is great so you only buy things that you need....what a fantastic way to live!!"

Well spoken my 8 year old friend!!

This is how we live.  We only purchase items that we need.  We only buy an item when we are out of another item.  We only buy in bulk as my husband calls it when there is a nice price reduction.  Plus I hate the clutter!!!  I never become emotionally attached to material items...

The joke at our house is if it has been sitting around too long watch out b/c Mindy will sell it on Ebay or Craigslist.  

We also do everything ourselves.  We mow our own grass (much to my hubs dismay), we clean our own home, no personal shopper or personal chef for us...

We limit our going out to eat to 2x per week and we only get water with our meals (this is more of a health reason than a money saving reason).   We take our own lunch to work, eat breakfast at home or on the run.

I never leave the lights on in a room that I am not it.  I turn the water off when not in use.

I shop online for sales and at discount stores like TJ Max....trying never to pay full price.  

It is a lifestyle that works for us....a way to to feel in control of your money and to not waste on items that in 6 months you ask yourself why you purchased it.  

I have lived paycheck to paycheck in the past BUT many years ago I made the switch to a much simpler type of lifestyle and it is sooo much better for me this way.  


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I know that I have talked about hyperpigmentation in the past BUT I feel that their is soooo much misinformation out there I must discuss it again.

Hyperpigmentation is the darkened area of the skin usually in the form of sun spots or large  discolored areas.  The main cause is from too much sun exposure and hormones, caused from birth control and pregnancy  It can affect men or women mainly starting in the mid 20's.  

What can you do about it?  

Limiting your time in the sun and wearing a sunblock on a daily basis is the best way to protect yourself from getting these spots.  Look for SPF 30 or higher with one of these ingredients - Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, or Parasol 1789 (avobenzone).  Again you must wear SPF daily - not just when you are out in the sun or at the beach....daily is best for prevention.  Remember to take the SPF all the way down your neck and chest - men that goes for you too!!!

If you already have hyperpigmentaion - look for products that contain Retinol, Glycolic Acid, and Hydroquinone.  The Retinol is an over-the-counter product that will help over time to diminish the spots as will the Glycolic Acid.  Hydroquinone is a product that will help to lighten the areas - only use it for 6-8 weeks then stop using it for a month or so and then start will achieve the best results this way.

Remember the moment you step back into the sun the spots WILL come back so you must protect yourself DAILY!!!  

On the right of my blog are products that I prefer for  helping to diminish those pesky dark areas!!  

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tanning bed usage - huge risk for skin cancer

I have shared with you before that I had melanoma in my mid 20's.  I was a huge sun worshipper and was proud to say that I went to the tanning bed every single day my senior year of high school.  WOW - what an accomplishment!!

A new study recently published in Lancet Oncology states the following:

the risk of skin cancer increases by 75 percent when people start using tanning beds before age 30. “We’ve known for a long time that UV light is a carcinogen, and it’s a bad idea to sit in one of those things,” says Dr. Whelan. “Whatever the short term pleasures you get from the positive effects of having a tan are not worth the ultimate price.”

I have been preaching to young girls for years to stay out of the sun and especially cancer causing tanning beds.  Finally a study that proves just this!!!

So once and for all - STOP TANNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

New awesome products JUST IN!!!

I am sooo excited to add some new items!!

Stila makeup has been around for years and is coveted by many makeup artists and cool people!!  They are known for their smokey eye kits and their lip glazes!!

I sold Glytone at a derm office where I once worked and I was very impressed with this line of Glycolic products.  Especially if you are looking for a high concentrate of glycolic acid in a well formulated product.  These work so well for extremely dry skin as well as KP keratosis pilaris...those unsightly bumps mainly affecting the backs of arms.  

Too Faced is another makeup line that I love....they have a nice selection of glosses and bronzers that I have been using for many years!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Be Active today!

Being active/fit/getting a good sweat makes me feel so much better!!

Nothing gets me feeling better than taking a run, fast walk, spinning, jumping rope, or strength training.  

I truly believe that physical activity cures everything from depression to obesity to diabetes and high blood pressure.  I have sooo many friends that are on meds for high blood pressure at such a young age....if only they would exercise!!!  

I do some type of cardio for at least 45 minutes aiming for 400-450 calories each time....4 times a week PLUS I strength train with weights 2x a week.  This combo keeps up muscle tone (being that after 30 a women starts to lose a pound of muscle every single year) so this is VERY important!!  

So today I challenge you to get out there - feel your heart pumping...sweat....get active....nothing does the body and the mind better than a good cardio workout!!!  I promise you will look and feel better!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Roots drive me crazy!!

My hair grows incredible fast - so fast that I feel like I have roots the moment I leave the salon.  I have to get my hair hi-lighted every 5-6 weeks or I go crazy!!

About week 3-4 I start to notice out-growth....and being that I am sooo blonde it starts to look a bit rough.

I have discovered the greatest invention yet - Hair Mascara by Oscar Blandi!!  It comes in a mascara type wand and you paint it on the roots or wherever you want it to go - and it washes out completely.  It is amazing - it lets you go several weeks over your time to get your hair done and one tube lasts for months.  It is a true hair product miracle!!!!!!

It also comes in several different colors - not just blonde.  

Yippee another hair catastrophe gone!!

To purchase simply click on the product on the right!!  You won't be disappointed!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Facials- your questions answered

A facial is a treatment given by an aesthetician ranging in price from $75 to an upwards of $300. Facials typically last between a half an hour to an hour and a half.  I typically recommend to most of my clients to have their facials 1x per month.

During the facial you can expect to have your skin cleansed several times in the beginning of the treatment.  I use steam during this time unless my client has broken capillaries then I don't use steam.  I keep the steam on to soften any gunky substance in the pores which makes extractions much easier.  

Then I will use some type of light acids to again assist in the breaking up of old dry damaged cells and the gunk in your pores.  I will massage this into the skin with the steam continuing to work its magic.  

Steam is now completed.  After the acids have been removed I will then take a look at your skin under the scary magnification lamp.  I can see blackheads, hyperpigmentation , pores, dryness...anything that is plaguing your skin.  

Extractions come next - either you love them or hate them but they are very necessary!! Getting all of the stuff out of your pores helps to make pores appear smaller...I will work on any pimples and blackheads at this point.  

Depending on skin condition - a light peel may be recommended at this point in the facial.  (see below for an entire break down of peel types)

A bacteria "killer" is then added to the skin to make sure no breakouts occur after your facial - this is a critical part.

A mask that is chose based on skin type is now applied.

I am not a huge fan of massaging the face especially if you have any acne issues.  If you have dry mature skin then a facial massage is perfectly fine.  I will then massage your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.  

Mask will then be removed with steamed towels...and the treatment products needed for your skin type are added.  Of course no one leaves without SPF 30 on!!!

Variations of facials are always given depending on your skin type.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last week I decided to try even more products from my new Best Friend Forever (BFF) Dr. Perricone and wow was I impressed.....

I love his products.  That being said I really don't believe all the hype surrounding his products claiming that your skin will change completely BUT I really like the feel and texture of his cleansers and toners.  They don't leave me feeling oily or greasy in this summer stickiness....I feel refreshed and I swear the texture seems to be a bit better!  

So I am SOLD!

I have added a few more on my blog - click on the right to read more or to purchase.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Need Spanx??

Who doesn't love SPANX??  

Click on the Fresh Pair icon on the right to check out all of the different styles - they even have ones for shorts, capris, full body, and panties!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

20% off sale Skinstore

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunscreen, SPF, and Sunblock...ON SALE!!!

You all now know that I am a believer in DAILY SPF 30!   

I never leave my house without it on my face, neck, and chest...

It is the easiest thing to do to prevent further - 
sun damage, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin,  texture issues, skin cancer, and pre-mature aging.

So be smart this summer and everyday throughout the year and use a DAILY SPF 30 - even if you are just walking the dog, going to the office, getting lunch with friends.....even if it is raining and cloudy!!

I have listed my favorites that are also ON SALE - just click on the one you want to purchase and buy from there!!  

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Perricone products added

I am usually not a huge fan of products that make really wild outrageous claims.

I do like a few of the Perricone products.  The Tinted moisturizer has a few nice colors and it has an SPF of 15 with a block ingredient which is great. (a good option for day time not a day at the beach)

I also like the cleansers as your "treatment" cleanser not a makeup remover.  Leave on for 15 seconds or so and then rinse.

The toners are also an option for you - containing salicylic and glycolic - nice formulas.

Just a few new options for you to choose from.  Click on photos to read more and purchase.

Thanks and enjoy!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hair - how to deal with fine and unruly hair like mine!!

Let's just say that I was not blessed with "good hair"!  

In fact, mine is or has been over-processed, thin, fine, tangly from exercising and running all the time, and pretty much a disaster due to too much drying and curling and flat ironing throughout the years....

I have several close girls friends that I am so envious of their locks - they are shiny, healthy,they don't really pay much attention to their hair at all and they have tons of it!  

So I have learned that I have to take extra care of my hair!!

I use extra moisturizing conditioners and leave in treatments before I blow dry or use a curling iron.  I only use shampoos designated for hi-lighted/colored hair. I use a leave in nightly treatment several times a week (it is expensive but WELL worth it) it is my secret product!! I also use an ionic blow dryer and only ceramic flat irons and curling irons.

This strategic plan has made a world of difference in my lovely locks - maybe not luscious but as good as they can be!!  

Check out my favorite products on the right - to read more about each product or to purchase - simply click on the picture!

Here's to good hair days allll summer long!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunblock -" the non breaking you out kind"!!!

Most of my clients and people that I know hate the feeling and are terrified that Sunscreen, SPF, and Sunblock will breakout their skin...

They remember the goopy feeling as their parents slathered it on them as a child and they don't want to feel that again!!  

They also don't want to risk an acne breakout - on their face or their chest and back.

Believe me I understand!!  

There are some wonderful choices out there now that will NOT feel slick, greasy, or thick and will not cause your skin to break out.  

Remember I am a vampire when it comes to the sun - I completely avoid it!!!!

So just remember to apply your SPF 15 minutes before you hit the beach, drive to your office, go for a run, or plant flowers.  

I prefer a SPF (sunblock of a 30 for daily use) and for a day at the beach a 30 or higher!!!  You must reapply SPF every 2 hours or more frequently if you are in the water/pool/lake/or ocean. 

There is absolutely no such thing as a safe tan!!!!  

So getting your "base" tan is quite ridiculous really - you are still causing damage to your skin.

If you want to be tan get it out of a bottle but even with this you still must apply  SPF - self-tanners do not protect you from the sun at all!!! 

I am tan all year round - but it is FAKE - from a bottle  - not from the damaging rays of the sun or tanning bed!!  

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Waxing Brows 101

I have waxed thousands of people's brows over my years in the beauty biz.  

Here are your waxing questions answered!!

1.  The wax is going to be warm, not necessarily hot when being put on the brow area.
2.  You should not wax your brows if you are on ACCUTANE.  Wait 3 months after getting off this drug before getting them waxed again.
3.  If you use Retin-A, Retinol, Tazorac, Retin-A micro, Tretinoin, or any other Vitamin A derivative - you MUST stop using for 1 week at least before getting your brows done.  Your skin can lift if you don't.
4.  Getting your brows done makes a HUGE difference in the way your face looks - I have been told that it is an instant facelift!!  
5.  You will be red - maybe for 5 minutes maybe for the rest of the day - this is normal...everyone's skin is different.
6.  Some aestheticians apply powder before putting the wax on some do not...(I don't).  Either way is fine.
7.   If you get tiny pimples on your brow area after being waxed - it is perfectly ok to use a benzoyl peroxide product to help alleviate this.  
8.  Tweezing brows to get that perfect appearance is what should be done after waxing.  By taking off a few hairs can make a beautiful brow.
9.  Brows should be done every 2-4 weeks.  
10.  Let a professional do your waxing - I do not recommend you waxing yourself - you can drip wax in your eye very easily.

Need your brows done??  I absolutely LOVE doing brows!!!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Humidity - how to keep your cool!!

I love summer!!!  But I hate what it does to my skin.

I start breaking out more and I become extremely oily!!

Here are some ways that I keep the acne and greasies to a minimum...

1.  Switch from a liquid foundation to a mineral foundation - a little goes a loooonnnnggg way!!  Don't over -powder because then you will look creasy and cakey!!
2.  Spritz your skin with a fine mist spray - to get rid of the powder look but still have nice coverage. Keep spritzer with you all of the time - they come in smaller sizes that fit in your bag.  **Remember the last thing you want to do is make yourself look older - this is a MUST have**
3.   If you find yourself having more acne, blackheads, skin issues in the summer months - you MUST treat BEFORE you get the acne not after!!!  So use your salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products 4-5x a week - so you are attacking the problems before they happen!!
4.  Use the incredible oil absorbing sheets instead of continually adding powder to your skin.  My routine is this....I use the sheets several times a day(yes I am THAT oily at 35)....then 1-2x a day I use my powder.  Both times I use the spritzer for that glowy look!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

EZ ways to have better skin TODAY!

1.  You are what you eat...don't you remember this from a Saturday morning special??  So fill up on fruits, veggies, fish, nuts, whole wheat...cut the sugar, diet and regular soda, fast food, packaged processed junk food, and cut back on alcohol.  Your thighs, heart, and stomach will thank you too!

2.  Stop smoking!! One of the absolute worst habits you can have for your skin!  Your organs will thank you on this one.

3.  Drink water - the old 64 ounce rule just does not cut it today!!  For example I weigh about 120 pounds.  If you multiply 120 by 75% that equals 90 - that is approximately how many ounces I should have of plain water per day....90!!    Now if I exercise and sweat(which I do 4-5x a week) I usually have about 100-110 ounces.  So most people are not getting enough - measure yours per day and let me know if you are deficient with your water intake.  Plus water can help your skin be more plump and less dry.

4.  Get out of the sun!!  Stop laying out in the sun, stop going to the tanning bed aka cancer bed, and start wearing an SPF 30 DAILY!!!  Get a spray tan - become an expert on self-tanning!!  I have many great at home products on here to use for self-tanning!  

5.  Get enough sleep - I know you moms say yeah right...but an adult still needs AT LEAST 6   hours per night shooting for 8!!  This will save you money on purchasing eye creams for dark circles too!!  Sleep on your back as much as possible - sleeping on your face can cause wrinkles and make you look more puffy.

Look you spent Zero Dollars!!