Thursday, August 27, 2009

Living below your really is easy!

For some reason our yard is the place to be in the afternoon for the neighborhood kids.  Probably b/c of our Chihuahua....

Monday there was a group of them hanging out in our driveway on their said to me..

"when are you moving?"
I answered "oh we have to sell our house not for while"
He then looked in our garage with a puzzled look on his face and said "well where is all of your stuff"..
I looked in our very neat and organized garage and answered "well we really don't have a lot of stuff - just things we need."
He looked at me with amazement in his eyes (keep in mind he is no more than 8 years old) and responded "well that is great so you only buy things that you need....what a fantastic way to live!!"

Well spoken my 8 year old friend!!

This is how we live.  We only purchase items that we need.  We only buy an item when we are out of another item.  We only buy in bulk as my husband calls it when there is a nice price reduction.  Plus I hate the clutter!!!  I never become emotionally attached to material items...

The joke at our house is if it has been sitting around too long watch out b/c Mindy will sell it on Ebay or Craigslist.  

We also do everything ourselves.  We mow our own grass (much to my hubs dismay), we clean our own home, no personal shopper or personal chef for us...

We limit our going out to eat to 2x per week and we only get water with our meals (this is more of a health reason than a money saving reason).   We take our own lunch to work, eat breakfast at home or on the run.

I never leave the lights on in a room that I am not it.  I turn the water off when not in use.

I shop online for sales and at discount stores like TJ Max....trying never to pay full price.  

It is a lifestyle that works for us....a way to to feel in control of your money and to not waste on items that in 6 months you ask yourself why you purchased it.  

I have lived paycheck to paycheck in the past BUT many years ago I made the switch to a much simpler type of lifestyle and it is sooo much better for me this way.  


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