Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Roots drive me crazy!!

My hair grows incredible fast - so fast that I feel like I have roots the moment I leave the salon.  I have to get my hair hi-lighted every 5-6 weeks or I go crazy!!

About week 3-4 I start to notice out-growth....and being that I am sooo blonde it starts to look a bit rough.

I have discovered the greatest invention yet - Hair Mascara by Oscar Blandi!!  It comes in a mascara type wand and you paint it on the roots or wherever you want it to go - and it washes out completely.  It is amazing - it lets you go several weeks over your time to get your hair done and one tube lasts for months.  It is a true hair product miracle!!!!!!

It also comes in several different colors - not just blonde.  

Yippee another hair catastrophe gone!!

To purchase simply click on the product on the right!!  You won't be disappointed!!!!

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