Thursday, July 9, 2009

Facials- your questions answered

A facial is a treatment given by an aesthetician ranging in price from $75 to an upwards of $300. Facials typically last between a half an hour to an hour and a half.  I typically recommend to most of my clients to have their facials 1x per month.

During the facial you can expect to have your skin cleansed several times in the beginning of the treatment.  I use steam during this time unless my client has broken capillaries then I don't use steam.  I keep the steam on to soften any gunky substance in the pores which makes extractions much easier.  

Then I will use some type of light acids to again assist in the breaking up of old dry damaged cells and the gunk in your pores.  I will massage this into the skin with the steam continuing to work its magic.  

Steam is now completed.  After the acids have been removed I will then take a look at your skin under the scary magnification lamp.  I can see blackheads, hyperpigmentation , pores, dryness...anything that is plaguing your skin.  

Extractions come next - either you love them or hate them but they are very necessary!! Getting all of the stuff out of your pores helps to make pores appear smaller...I will work on any pimples and blackheads at this point.  

Depending on skin condition - a light peel may be recommended at this point in the facial.  (see below for an entire break down of peel types)

A bacteria "killer" is then added to the skin to make sure no breakouts occur after your facial - this is a critical part.

A mask that is chose based on skin type is now applied.

I am not a huge fan of massaging the face especially if you have any acne issues.  If you have dry mature skin then a facial massage is perfectly fine.  I will then massage your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.  

Mask will then be removed with steamed towels...and the treatment products needed for your skin type are added.  Of course no one leaves without SPF 30 on!!!

Variations of facials are always given depending on your skin type.

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