Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Be Active today!

Being active/fit/getting a good sweat makes me feel so much better!!

Nothing gets me feeling better than taking a run, fast walk, spinning, jumping rope, or strength training.  

I truly believe that physical activity cures everything from depression to obesity to diabetes and high blood pressure.  I have sooo many friends that are on meds for high blood pressure at such a young age....if only they would exercise!!!  

I do some type of cardio for at least 45 minutes aiming for 400-450 calories each time....4 times a week PLUS I strength train with weights 2x a week.  This combo keeps up muscle tone (being that after 30 a women starts to lose a pound of muscle every single year) so this is VERY important!!  

So today I challenge you to get out there - feel your heart pumping...sweat....get active....nothing does the body and the mind better than a good cardio workout!!!  I promise you will look and feel better!!

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