Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bacteria oh my!!

So we are all accustomed to washing our hands 20x a day to prevent the spread of disease and germs.  

But what about your cosmetics and other items you touch daily??

Take a look at your makeup bag or drawer.....do you see makeup sponges, brushes, and puffs that are covered with hair, dirt. oil, and makeup??  GROSS!!!  First of all try to clean them with anti-bacteria soap - if they still look dirty and dingy throw them out!!  

What about your foundations, creams, lotions, and anything else that maybe in a liquid form...have they separated?  Have you had them over a year?  Time to pitch them as well.

Now to your makeup bag itself.  Remove all of it contents and clean out your bag - throwing away anything broken such as powders and eye shadows...if your makeup bag it filthy and you can throw it in the washer - do so.  If not then try to clean it with anti-bacterial spray.  

AHHH - now doesn't that look better.

On to mascara - you really should only use mascara for 3-5 months before you throw it out. Don't pump your wand in and out either - it can push bacteria into the casing itself.  I also heard the other day 2 ladies talking about adding water to their mascara to make it last longer - a BIG no no!!!  Again this can add bacteria to your mascara causing you to have a really bad eye infection!!  YUCK!!

Clean your cell phone people - it is such a bacteria ridden thing!!  Simple use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball - not so much as to damage the phone - but enough to kill the germs, bacteria, and old makeup that are growing in there!!  This can also help tremendously with acne on your cheeks from holding your phone.  

Other places where germs like to live - your steering wheel, your doorknobs, the knobs on your sinks, all gym equipment (drives me crazy when people don't clean off there sweat after they work out....YUCK!!)....

We all want to remain healthy this Fall season - so start cleaning!!

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