Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Crazy on vaca!!

Once a year I step way out of my box. 

Typically, I am an extremely "by the book" type person.  I eat clean 95% of the time, spend very little money, only buy necessities,  save most of what I earn, never check the weather (as you know I am a sun avoider) i.e. never get into the sun, I never have dessert, I workout regularly - 4-6 days per week......I am organized - everything has it's place and I am an all around a routine girl.

Then vacation comes!!

I do everything completely opposite of my "usualness" for one week of the year!!

I go to the beach (with a high SPF on) but still I am at the beach in direct sunlight....for many hours.
I never check the prices of anything - from meals, to shopping - I just buy what I want.
I have dessert at every single meal....anything from Key Lime pie to full fat ice cream!
I exercise - but very little - not checking caloric burn or intensity....just walk for fun.
I don't clean or keep things organized at all....the condo or home we stay in looks like a dorm room....with clothes and things strewn everywhere!

For one week of the year - this is my "going crazy" time!!  I know that a lot of people live this way daily...but I chose to live more of a responsible, hard-working, do the right thing type lifestyle.

It is great for me to be the to be my opposite self - do things I never do - and then get back to my normalcy of everyday life.  


  1. Just ran across ur blog. I think i'm going to find good stuff over here! Have a great day girl;o)

  2. So glad to have you as a reader Crystal!!!!