Friday, September 11, 2009

Plumping up your skin!!!

We all want that dewy glowing skin that sweet little children have....:)

No one wants their skin to look old, leathery, dry, and wrinkled - so here is your plan to luminous fresh looking skin!

1.  Cleanse am and pm with a Glycolic Acid cleanser (if this makes you too peely dry or red  - back off and only use 1x per day)

2.  AM - use your SPF 30 or higher every single day for the rest of your life!! Make sure it contains either titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or parasol 1789 (avobenzone).

3.  Mix your SPF with an antioxidant serum, lotion, or powder for extra protection - and to help with free radicals.

4. Stop using face/blotting type powders - they tend to crease and make you look way older than you are.  Instead use blotting papers throughout the day.

5.  After you finish applying your makeup - always spray lightly with a mineral water spritzer - this will take away the dry and cakey look and give you the Hollywood glow!!  - Even if it is fake!!!

1.  After you have cleansed in the evening - blot your face dry never rub - always use your hands to cleanse and not a wash cloth.  They are tooooo rough on your skin.

2.  Use a topical AHA (alpha hydroxy) - something with salicylic, lactic, or glycolic acids in 

3.  Then apply your topical retinol over the AHA product - layering is just fine!!

4.  If you feel too dry tight or have extra sensitive skin - apply a topical antioxidant - I prefer one with white tea, green tea, or vitamin c in it.

Now get some sleep - it is one of the best ways to have gorgeous glowing skin!!!!

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