Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Signature Style

Some of my favorite models and actresses have a distinct "signature style".  They keep their hair relatively in the same way...keeping it current but similar.  They have a certain way that they dress daily.  They know what works for them and so they stick with it.

I have always loved Claudia Schiffer's style...the long blonde hair, simply lines of clothing, a nice bag, huge sunglasses, and of course a beautiful watch.  She looks timeless and elegant.

I also love Kate Moss - if you look back at Kate's life in fashion - she has kept her look basically the same.  Knowing what works for her and again sticking with it.  Shoulder length golden locks that always look a but messy, great skirts that show off her gams, funky jewelry, large sunglasses, and one piece of trendy clothing...perhaps the newest trend in shoes...

Being 36 - I know what works for myself and what does not.  My hair looks best - long and blonde.  I have tried many different colors and styles but this works best for me.  Jeans and pants that skim just the top of my shoes look best.  V-necks and boat neck shirts tend to be my forte and make me feel good about myself.  I like bright colors - such as pinks, purples, turquoises - years of trying all colors and then viewing photos of myself - make me know what works and what does not.  Short nails, no polish - look best on me.  Dark denim - always looks best!!  My one signature piece of jewelry would be my gold hoop earrings - they are timeless and easily go from day to evening.  I have worn this type of earring for over 15 years - and I still love the way they make me feel.  A nice watch and a new bag...I have always believed that if you have these 2 you really don't need much else.  

What is your signature style?  Have you found it yet?  When have you last been complimented on an outfit or hairstyle?  Is it time for you to try something new or does your current style make you feel awesome??

Find what works for your body - for your coloring and stick with what looks best!

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