Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hair - how to deal with fine and unruly hair like mine!!

Let's just say that I was not blessed with "good hair"!  

In fact, mine is or has been over-processed, thin, fine, tangly from exercising and running all the time, and pretty much a disaster due to too much drying and curling and flat ironing throughout the years....

I have several close girls friends that I am so envious of their locks - they are shiny, healthy,they don't really pay much attention to their hair at all and they have tons of it!  

So I have learned that I have to take extra care of my hair!!

I use extra moisturizing conditioners and leave in treatments before I blow dry or use a curling iron.  I only use shampoos designated for hi-lighted/colored hair. I use a leave in nightly treatment several times a week (it is expensive but WELL worth it) it is my secret product!! I also use an ionic blow dryer and only ceramic flat irons and curling irons.

This strategic plan has made a world of difference in my lovely locks - maybe not luscious but as good as they can be!!  

Check out my favorite products on the right - to read more about each product or to purchase - simply click on the picture!

Here's to good hair days allll summer long!

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