Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunblock -" the non breaking you out kind"!!!

Most of my clients and people that I know hate the feeling and are terrified that Sunscreen, SPF, and Sunblock will breakout their skin...

They remember the goopy feeling as their parents slathered it on them as a child and they don't want to feel that again!!  

They also don't want to risk an acne breakout - on their face or their chest and back.

Believe me I understand!!  

There are some wonderful choices out there now that will NOT feel slick, greasy, or thick and will not cause your skin to break out.  

Remember I am a vampire when it comes to the sun - I completely avoid it!!!!

So just remember to apply your SPF 15 minutes before you hit the beach, drive to your office, go for a run, or plant flowers.  

I prefer a SPF (sunblock of a 30 for daily use) and for a day at the beach a 30 or higher!!!  You must reapply SPF every 2 hours or more frequently if you are in the water/pool/lake/or ocean. 

There is absolutely no such thing as a safe tan!!!!  

So getting your "base" tan is quite ridiculous really - you are still causing damage to your skin.

If you want to be tan get it out of a bottle but even with this you still must apply  SPF - self-tanners do not protect you from the sun at all!!! 

I am tan all year round - but it is FAKE - from a bottle  - not from the damaging rays of the sun or tanning bed!!  

I have my favorite best formulated SPF options on the right - just click to purchase!!

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