Sunday, May 24, 2009

EZ ways to have better skin TODAY!

1.  You are what you eat...don't you remember this from a Saturday morning special??  So fill up on fruits, veggies, fish, nuts, whole wheat...cut the sugar, diet and regular soda, fast food, packaged processed junk food, and cut back on alcohol.  Your thighs, heart, and stomach will thank you too!

2.  Stop smoking!! One of the absolute worst habits you can have for your skin!  Your organs will thank you on this one.

3.  Drink water - the old 64 ounce rule just does not cut it today!!  For example I weigh about 120 pounds.  If you multiply 120 by 75% that equals 90 - that is approximately how many ounces I should have of plain water per day....90!!    Now if I exercise and sweat(which I do 4-5x a week) I usually have about 100-110 ounces.  So most people are not getting enough - measure yours per day and let me know if you are deficient with your water intake.  Plus water can help your skin be more plump and less dry.

4.  Get out of the sun!!  Stop laying out in the sun, stop going to the tanning bed aka cancer bed, and start wearing an SPF 30 DAILY!!!  Get a spray tan - become an expert on self-tanning!!  I have many great at home products on here to use for self-tanning!  

5.  Get enough sleep - I know you moms say yeah right...but an adult still needs AT LEAST 6   hours per night shooting for 8!!  This will save you money on purchasing eye creams for dark circles too!!  Sleep on your back as much as possible - sleeping on your face can cause wrinkles and make you look more puffy.

Look you spent Zero Dollars!!

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