Sunday, May 17, 2009

Be an Ingredient detective!

I know that a lot o people are very loyal to their product lines.  I used to be the same way - only using one certain line and never trying something new.  

The truth is this - all products in product lines are NOT great. 
In other words - you may have a fantastic product from one line and the rest of the line be worthless.

It is perfectly fine to use products from different lines.  You may love an eye cream from Clinique and use a cleanser from Estee Lauder - all totally fine.

Don't let those counter reps at the department store push you around telling you that the products work together and that you must use the entire line to "get the best results".

In fact that is a complete lie!!

If you were to look at all of the products I use - you would notice very few are from the same product line.  In fact, I pick and choose what I like from a variety of different skin care lines.

The main thing to know is that you must be an ingredient detective - I know you love the packaging - the way the product is dispensed...but really that does not matter at all!!

You have to look at the ingredients!!  It is the ONLY way to know if the products you are using actually do anything to your skin or not.  

That is where I come in....:)

If you have a certain product that you want me to look at - send me an email and I will tell you if it is actually doing anything or not.

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