Monday, May 4, 2009

Looking dull?? No life to your skin? Here's your plan to a glowing you!!

These are questions that I am frequently asked....

When you are a child your skin cells are turning over all of the time.  As we grow older and are exposed to the environment and the old bad sun our skin starts to take on a dull appearance.

If you are missing your youthful glow - here are a few steps to take to retain your youthfulness!!

AM Regimen 

1.  Start by using a Glycolic cleanser - use a gentle cleanser to remove traces of makeup and oil, after removing that, then add your glycolic cleanser as a treatment.  Leave it on for 15 seconds to a minute massaging it into your face, neck, and chest and then remove with water.  This will help to alleviate those dead cells and get things moving.  My 2 favs are MD Forte Facial Cleanser and Glycolix.  Start by using the glycolic cleanser 1x per day for a 4 weeks and then use 2x per day.  

2.  Next your are going to use a topical Vitamin C for added protection against the sun.  Vitamin C also helps with tightening, toning, brightening, and the texture of your skin.  A few of my favs are Cellex-C Potency Serum and  LaRoche Posay Light Active C.

3.  Next is your SPF 30 DAILY protection!!!!!  Rain, sun, snow, going outside or must use a SPF every single day for the rest of your life!!!!!!!!!!!! If you step outside even for 1 minute you must be protected and ladies your foundation protection is NOT enough!!!!!!!!  My favs are MD Forte Environmental Protection Cream SPF 30, Cellex C SPF 30, and Biomedic Facial Shield SPF 30 (use this if you prefer Avobenzone as the main ingredient).

4.  Then use your foundation and any other makeup you prefer.  I love Bare Minerals!!

PM Regimen

1.  Gentle cleanser followed by your Glycolic cleanser. (see above)

2.  Next you are going to use a topical Glycolic product.  I LOVE the Glytone Essentials Boost Mini Peel Gel that I just discovered.  It is a great option!!! I also am obsessed with the REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask....these are both fabulous options for an at home peel!! If you are new to glycolic products  - please know that they are suppose to tingle a bit and they will turn your skin a bit pink.  This means that they are working!!

3.  Adding a Retinol product will then be your last step.  I love the La Roche Posay Retinol 15, 30, and 60.  They are so simple to use - start with the 15 if you are brand new to retinols, the 30 if you have been using retinols for 6 months or a year, and the retinol 60 if you are used to using retinols for many years.  Retinols will allow your skin to turn cells over like they did on their own when you were a child.  Start be using 1-2x a week - for several weeks.  You will gradually use every night.  You are suppose to peel and be pink!!  This is what the product does so don't freak out - just back off a few days and then start back up.

 *** NOTE YOU MUST NOT GET INTO THE SUN AT ALL while using retinols or glycolics - they can make you extremely sun sensitive!!!!

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