Saturday, May 9, 2009

Got Dark Circles?? Spots to cover up? Here's my fav concealer!

There is always something that I am covering up on my face - whether it is red blotches, dark circles, or blemishes I use concealer everyday!!  

My favorite is Alison Raffaele True Concealer ..... for anything you want covered.  I know that I have blogged about my obsession with her concealer before but I just had to mention it again...
Her concealer goes on beautifully and stays put until you wash it off in the evening (I know you are all cleansing your skin before you retire to bed :)).  It has a smooth consistency and covers better than anything I have ever tried.  It is creamy but yet does not leave your skin greasy or oily.  Plus it lasts forever - I used mine for at least 2 years until I had to purchase a new one.  

Love Love Love this product!!  

The best way to use your own concealer or Alison's is to - 

First apply your SPF, any moisturizers you use, and your foundation....that's right apply your foundation BEFORE you use your concealer.  I have found that you can cover up unwanted issues better after you see what your foundation has not taken care of.  

Then by using the sponge tip applicator apply to the areas you want to cover.  I dab on a small amount to all areas and then I go back to each one and use my ring finger (which applies the least amount of pressure thus not removing too much of the product) to slightly smooth out the product so to cover exactly what I need covered.  Less is definitely more in this situation!!  
Then you can finish your makeup routine and finish with powder to ensure your makeup and concealer stays put.  If you are too powdery looking use your Evian spray to make yourself look dewy!!

As for choosing the perfect color for your skin - I always go just a tad bit darker - I believe that a concealer that is too light just brings more attention to the area you want covered. 

I use Alison's True Concealer #3 - I have light to medium skin tones.  Similar to Jessica Simpson or Jewel.  

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