Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daily SPF!!

Ok peeps I just heard on the Today Show wrong information about SPF just as I was having writers block.

You must USE a separate SPF/Sunblock... the tiny amount of SPF that is in your makeup just is NOT enough!!!  

So your routine should be this in the am
1.  Cleanse skin
2.  Apply  moisturizer to dry areas or all over depending on skin type and need.
3.  Then apply your separate SPF 30 from your hairline covering your entire face - down your neck and chest - 2 quarter size amounts should do it.  For most people this is enough moisture and a separate moisturizer will not be necessary.  
4.  Then apply whatever makeup/foundation you want.

You MUST apply your SPF every single day - in the rain, snow, wind, sun, if you step outside for 1 minute you must have it on!!!

It is the best anti-ager - the best defense against brown spots, tone, texture, wrinkles, redness, broken capillaries, fine lines, sun damage - not to mention skin cancer!!  It is the single best thing you will ever do for your skin!!!  Men and women of all ages should be wearing SPF 30!!!  

If you do nothing else at all for yourself - just do this and you will see a difference!!!

I slather it on my husband - I have finally gotten him into the habit of applying it daily after 4 years of trying!!!

I also apply a mineral powder with natural SPF in it as my foundation for a bit of extra protection AND I use a separate touch up mineral powder during the day especially on my commute home with the sun blaring in my car.

OK I am finished preaching - now just do it!!

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