Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm Back!!

After a LONG hiatus I am back!!!

WOW - having a baby sure does take up a lot of time!!!! Who knew??

So this week I received a new peel sample to try for my review called the Fusion Peel by the awesome and (very easy to deal with on the phone) company named (That is my disclosure - if you missed it!) HA

I have only had one peel since having my baby - and actually I have in the past 5 years have probably only had one type of peel - the tried and true Alpha this peel better be great b/c I LOVE the alpha beta one!!

I have wicked hyperpigmentation from having a baby - I mean terrible!! I would love to get rid of!! I have been staying completely out of the sun for months, wearing my SPF religiously, and using tazorac and retin-a nightly for about 3 months.

The peel came well packaged and with very easy to follow instructions as well.

I immediately opened and read everything!

The peel itself is a straight liquid and had to be applied with a gauze pad that was included.

I swiped one layer over my whole face (after cleansing and towel drying). It was a bit stingy by my eye area and I did start to turn pretty red within about 1 minute.

Noticing that it said I could keep it on for 6-8 - I knew that being that I had been using so many retinoids for months I was very sensitive.

So about the 2 minute mark I went ahead and neautralized with the spray and then splashed cool water on my face for about a minute.

I was a bit red but nothing bad.

24 hours later - my skin is a bit pink but man is it clear!!! I mean super tight and shiny which I love!! It looks fresh and bright!! I actually look well rested - :) I really like the results - I have not really flaked at all (stay tuned to see if I will in a few days??)

So far I am hooked - this is a great peel - !!

Here is the peel that I was given if you are interested in checking it out yourself.

Just type in SHEBLOGS as your code to my faithful readers and receive 20% off anything you want to order ending Dec. 31, 2010.

I sure have missed blogging and am soo glad to be back!

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