Sunday, February 1, 2009

Now Offering Spanx at 50% OFF!!

I am now an affiliate of Fresh Pair!!

They are offering FREE SHIPPING to all of my customers!!

They have men's and women's undies including the famous SPANX shapewear!!

If you have not heard of Spanx - they basically make all of your clothes look better and fit better because they smooth everything out.  It is as if you have been working out for a lifetime!!  
They rock!!!!


  1. Hey... this has nothing to do with Spanx... but you have met the little girl who inspired us... Remember the family who's house we went to for the last gathering when you guys were in town. She is 1st little girl that was adopted through AGCI's Ethiopian program... that is her! :-)
    I met Julie at their house meeting that little girl and hearing their story about ETH.