Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hyperpigmentation, Sun damage, and Brown Spots Oh My!!

So you spent way too much time in the sun, laying out on your mylar tanning blanket, with iodine and baby oil....or you went to the tanning bed everyday your senior year or you were like me and did both!! AHHH!!!

So now 15 years later you are left with all kinds of ugly spots, brown blotches, and unwanted freckles.  What can you do?

First off you can't actually "get rid" of hyperpigmentation but you can suppress the melanin that makes the brown pigmentation.

Here is  my plan for the smoothest, creamiest skin around....

Daytime/When the Sun is out!!
1.  You must commit to wearing a Sunblock with a sun protection factor of 30 everyday for the rest of your life.  My favorite is MD Forte Aftercare Environmental Protection.  I my SPF moisturizer with SPF 30 and then my Bare Minerals over that!  

Before you go to bed!!
1.  In the evening after you cleanse - use the MD Skincare peel kit.  It has the alpha hydroxy (which is your glycolic acids) the one needed to help "unglue" the cells that have created the sun damaged skin.  It is also loaded with beta hydroxy (which is the ingredient needed for those hard to deal with blackheads and acne - by helping to keep the pores cleaned out) 
Use this 3-5x a week.  I have been using this kit for over 8 years and it truly helps to keep my brown spots at bay and adult acne issues at bay.  I use it on my neck and chest also - but always remember the neck is a very sensitive area. 

2.  Apply your topical Retinol to all areas of your face, neck, and chest.  Again case sensitive on the neck.  A pea to a pea and a half is all you need for the entire area of your face.  If you are doing your neck and chest use another pea size amount.  I prefer one of these 2 products - PCA Retinol or MD Formulations Vitamin Plus.  Which both have excellent formulations.  

3.  Last before you hit the will need a topical hydroquinone to spot treat those brown spot.  Apply a very thin layer to the individual spots you want to treat. Don't worry - this will not "bleach" out your other skin only helps to suppress the melanin in the brown damaged areas.  Use your hydroquinone for 3-4 months and then stop for a month or two and then start back.  These products also work really well on the acne pigmentation spots that won't fade on their own.  My favs are - NeoStrata Lightening Gel and B Kamins Skin Lightening which also contains Kojic Acid another great lightener.  

***Remember - you MUST stay out of the sun or your spots will come back.  Protect yourself DAILY for the very best results***


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