Friday, February 27, 2009

Wrinkles Beware!!

Fine lines, wrinkles, creases, crevices,#11....whatever you call them here's what to do to get rid of them!!!

You don't need an arsenal of products to help alleviate your wrinkles.

Here's your plan to be crease FREE!

1.  After you cleanse in the am - you absolutely must apply an SPF 30 BEFORE you put your makeup on and AFTER your moisturizer.  
2.  By mixing your SPF with an antioxidant you are keeping those free radicals at bay.  Try the Vitamin C by ALL TIME FAV!!

1.  After you cleanse - I prefer cleansing with a makeup remover and then a treatment cleanser (only use the treatment cleanser with glycolic acid 2-3x a week to start out- working up to 7x a week)
2.  Then apply your retinol product - a double pea size amount is all you need for face - be careful if applying to the neck as the neck is more sensitive than your face.  I prefer to use all the way down my chest with the retinol.  If you are just starting out using a retinol product only use 2-3x per week building up to 5-7x a week depending on dryness.
3.  If you have DRY skin you may then apply a separate moisturizer over your retinol - if you suffer from acne , blackheads, or oily skin do not use a moisturizer over the retinol.  
4.  If you have dark spots/hyperpigmentation now would be the time to spot treat those areas with your hydroquinone.
5. Next eye cream - using your ring finger - lightly tap your eye cream under your eye area on the cheek bone and towards your hairline.

So that's it!  Wrinkles be gone!!!!!

All of these products are available from my blog - just CLICK on the picture on the right side to purchase!  

Thank you!  Trendy Mindy

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