Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Laser Hair Removal.....does it work?

Does Laser Hair Removal work....to this I say YES!!

Being that I performed this service for many many years to hundreds of satisfied clients...I am a fan of the laser for getting rid of unwanted hair.

To get the BEST results possible you must do the following...

1.  Have realistic expectations...that is if you want every single hair to be completely gone forever than laser hair removal (lhr) may not be for you.  Depending on the area you are treating you can expect a 75-90% reduction of hair.

2.  You must follow the exact prescription for the area....in other words...different areas need different amounts of treatments and you may be coming in every 4 weeks or possible every 10 weeks....again it all depends on what area you are treating.

3.  If you skip treatments - you will not have as good of results.  Have your treatments as directed by your aesthetician or laser technician.

4.  Do not tan the area prior to treatment, after treatment, or during treatment. That goes for fake tans and spray tans as well.  This can cause all sorts of issues including hyperpigmented skin, scarring, hypopigmented skin...

5.  Make sure the technician has been certified with the laser he/she is using.   You should not be the first person the tech is working on...ask questions!!

6.  Do not wax or tweeze during treatments.  This can cause a disruption in hair growth thus not working as it should.

7.  You may shave before, during, and after....this does not affect treatments as all!!

8.  Do not come to the salon or office with any lotions, tanners, perfumes, powders or anything on the area to be treated.  

9.  My favorite question of all time....does it hurt?  This depends on how motivated you are to get rid of the hair....if you HATE the hair then you most likely won't care if it hurts or not.  Yes, you can feel the laser hitting the hair...it feels like a rubber band snapping on the skin.

10.  The odor....you will be able to smell burning hair....think about it...a laser is targeting hair so yes you will smell it.  Again this to me always meant success!!

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