Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adapting to Weather Changes

A friend of mine once told me..."if you don't like the weather in Nashville, wait 5 minutes".

One day it is 75 degrees, the next it is rainy, and the next it is snowing and 32 out.


It can not only drive you crazy but also wreck your skin, hair, and makeup regimen.

Here are a few things that I always keep with me either in my purse or car to ensure a "frantic free" look.

Must haves to ensure your gorgeous self through any weather!!!

1.  oil absorbing sheets for your skin - these help to blot away the "greasies" without over-powdering.

2.  water spritzer - this is the SECRET product that I always have with me.  After you blot and then reapply powder to make sure you won't look dry, cakey, and wrinkled - you must spritz on some water.  I learned this many years ago and man does it work!!!  All models do this before they hit the runway.  

3. If your hair is looking flat and it has the "end of the day limps" then you need to use a dry shampoo spray to give it some boost.  It will give you the "just blown out look" you crave!!

4.  No time to brush your pearly whites - put on the Gosmile gloss for fresh breathe and shiny not sticky lips!

Now you are ready for a night out, trip to the mall, or after school meeting.

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