Tuesday, March 10, 2009


If you know me at all....you know that I have been absolutely obsessed with tanning my entire life!!

Now that I am older and much much wiser - I don't dare tan in the sun or the tanning bed!!

I only self-tan!!

I use a daily tanning moisturizer (even in the winter) for a nice light/medium color all over.  Lately I have been using Rodial Daily Brazilian Tan.

Then about 1-2x a week I do my weekly lotion or spray tan for a medium to darker color.  I have several that I really love...anything by Fake Bake absolutely ROCKS!!!  They always give a smooth non streaking look....they have a new one that is for the look of cellulite and tanner in one called Sunless and Skinny.  Depending on what you prefer - Fake Bake has formulas in lotions, a light mousse, a spray, and a new darker formula for those of you that have darker complexions.

If you are terrified of self tanning or if you have had problems with it in the past....your very best bet are the Tanning Towels.  You can't go wrong!!  There is no color on them and you basically just smooth the damp towel all over your body until the towel is dry.  EASY!!!

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