Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Best Organic GREEN Products!!

I have not always been  a fan of green/organic/natural products....being that even though a product has "natural" ingredients does not necessarily mean that the product works better or does something different for your skin than a non-organic product.

And I am not really a "natural" girl myself - I have had botox, have highlighted my hair for over 2 decades, love a spray tan, and wear makeup daily......


I do recycle and I try to do my part in not leaving a giant size eco footprint.

So if GOING GREEN is important to is my list of favs!! 

I LOVE products by Juice beauty, Korres, Skyn Iceland!
All of these have eco friendly packaging, ingredients that are safe and effective, and no synthetic fragrance.

So GO GREEN and try a new product that is good for you and our beautiful environment!

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