Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bronzer obsession!

I am a bit (ahem) obsessed with bronzer!!

I love the sun-kissed look that I get when I use it...I love looking like I have been in the sun without actually being in the sun.

Bronzer is a "recovering tanning bed fanatic's" best friend!!

I do not get in the sun at all - but I really like the look of having a bit of color on my face.  

Steps to a beautiful bronze look!!

1. Use a large fluffy CLEAN brush.
2. Sweep a small amount of bronzer on the planes of your face - temples, outside areas of your forehead, chin and the outside part of your face by your hairline.
3.  Without reapplying more to your brush and to avoid the "oompa loompa" look - sweep the last of what is left on your brush to your nose.
4.  Apply a bit more to your brush and apply to the inside area of your neck, jawline and down to your chest.   

*I prefer a bronzer with a tiny bit of shimmer NOT glitter*

Your done!!  Enjoy a lovely bronzed look - and expect your friends to ask if you just got back from  a Sunny Vacation!!

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